Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Friendly Competition...

So, who really is the “better” twin? At least once a day, it seems like Bri and I are put up against each other and compared. I guess it’s bound to happen. Maybe people are just curious about who has better grades or who is better at playing sports? The questions don’t really bother us too much because we’re really a lot alike.
However, some of the comparisons made between us are actually somewhat offensive. Instead of referring to Brianna and I by our names, some people will say “You know, the prettier twin,” “the smarter twin,” and even “the fatter twin.” It’s not like Bri and I look the same or anything like that…
With all of these comparisons, are Bri and I always in competition with each other?
A little sibling rivalry is pretty normal for every family and a little competition never hurt anyone. With that said, Bri and I also engage in little competitions between one another. However, these competitions are very subtle. It’s like we only know about these competitions because we keep them to ourselves. When we’re in the same classes as one another, we secretly hope that we’ll get the same grade as one another because then one of us is not “smarter” than the other one. It really is no fun coming in second place to your twin, especially when other people point it out. I know other siblings are compared against each other, but when people say, “Oh I thought you two were supposed to be the same,” it feels like you are not being who you are supposed to be.
In high school, for instance, I sat next to a boy who referred to Brianna as the Alpha twin. He would make comments about how Bri was the better twin and that I was inferior to her. This was all because she got one point higher on a psych test! Comments like these can really get to your self-esteem!
So, Bri and I are actually in competition with each other even if we’re not the ones who want to be compared against one another. It’s mostly the influence of other people!


  1. I'm an only child, but I'm pretty competitive with my friends. I think it had to do with going to a high school where there were no boys or cute outfits to compete over, so all we had was grades and athletics. It's totally normal to be competitive with your best friends, or siblings! At least, I hope it is!

  2. I don't have this problem. I'm the oldest of five. However, my siblings don't even get close to the grades I do, so when they lose computer or something for it their response is "We can't be perfect like Tori." Whoa! I'm the first to admit I'm not perfect, but really? However, my best friends in high school were twins (fraternal boy/girl) and they were always competeing with each other in the beginning. But it got to the point where they weren't taking the same classes or had different teachers so their wasn't any tension.