Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys

The male obsession with twins. We’ve all heard about it before. Bri and I personally don’t understand it. What is the big deal about being with twins?
I would really love to have this question answered, but this blog isn’t about the workings of the male brain; it’s about questions I’ve been commonly asked about being a twin.  The question I’m talking about this week is actually similar to the male love of twins. Do twin girls want to date twin boys?

(Is this the future we hope for? Well, minus the very terrifying style choices?)

It’s an odd question that I’ve never really thought about before, so I decided to ask Brianna what she thought about it. I love her, but her response was somewhat terrifying to me.
In a nutshell, she thinks that it would be awesome to date and even marry twins, but only if they were also identical twins. This way, when we had children one day, they would look like each other. Her idea was that she could trade them if her baby was harder to handle than mine and that I would never notice because the babies would look the same. I’m pretty sure she was joking, (Hopefully! She has an odd sense of humor sometimes!) but I do wonder if our children would look really similar. Hmm…
Anyways, are twin girls always on the lookout for twin boys? I would honestly say I can’t give a yes or no answer to this question. For one, we have never met any identical twin boys, so I don’t know if we’d be attracted to them. Second, I’ve never been out on a hunt looking for twin boys. So, I would probably say no to this question. I feel like we would just go after the boys we like regardless of whether they were twins or not. Honestly, I don’t know! I’ve never met any…yet.

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