Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Interests You?

Some people like math, some people like reading, some like shopping, and some like playing sports. Everyone has their own unique interests and find things fascinating that others don’t. Is this true for twins? Or do twins have the have the same interests as each other?

Brianna and I really like a lot of the same things. For instance, if you look in our closet, it is obvious that we both share an obsession for shoes. (There may be around 100 pairs in there!) We also share a love for shopping, going out with our friends, going to the beach, and even the Chicago Blackhawks. We love our Chicago sports teams! For the most part, we share a lot of interests as each other.
Since we live together and practically do everything together (well not everything, that would be really weird), shouldn’t we have all the same likes and interests? Nope! There are lots of things that I enjoy doing that Brianna doesn’t or vice versa. For instance, I like to read, but Brianna loves it. She can sit down and read an entire book in one day whereas I’ll get distracted halfway through the book and find something else to do. I love making scrapbooks and making things, like posters and projects, “cute.” Brianna, on the other hand, always says she lacks in the creative department and I always end up helping her decorate things.  Also, I have a preference to the color pink and Bri likes purple. Oh, and my favorite number is 5, hers is 8.
Ok, so these aren’t major differences or anything like that, but we do have our own individual likes and interests that make us different from each other. (Hey, it’s something!) It’s just these little things that make us feel different from each other, even if they don’t seem too different to everyone else!


  1. Well, siblings don't have to be twins to love the same things. Although the 5 of us range in ages from 4 to 18, we all love bratwursts, road trips, cats, anything Philadelphia, and computer games. This things might vary depending on the actual age, but I think that all these similarities are due to being raised in the same house by the same people.

  2. I think that people who stereotype twins need to realize that they are two seperate individuals and will have different preferences, thoughts, and opinions. If you were exactly alike in everything it would be beyond wierd, creepy even. Humans aren't robots and just cause you guys are twins doesn't mean you'll be automated to act alike or anything else. =)